FreshFlower Process

From plant to customer

Our entire process from plant to customer is done in the Netherlands. First, the hemp seeds are germinated and selected for quality. The plants are then planted on an ecological farm in the Netherlands. t the end of the summer, when the plants are ready to harvest, the flower tops are harvested manually to protect the components (cannabinoids and terpenes) as much as possible. On the same day of harvesting, the flower tops are processed into CBD oil.

Cultivation and harvesting

Our cultivation is set up to obtain as many flower tops as possible Our cultivation is set up to obtain as many flower tops as possible. The flower tops in particular contain many important components for our oil. No pesticides are used during cultivation. Harvesting is done manually, therefore we can select on quality and only the best flower tops are used in our process. This secures a minimum loss of trichomes which contain the active components of the fiber hemp plant and are therefore very important.

From harvest to oil,
all in the same day.

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The Bio-Botanical production process

Dutch Cannabis Processing (DCP) grows, harvests and produces CBD oil for the SanaCan products differently than other producers of CBD oil. We are the only producer in the world to work with fresh hemp flowers grown by ecological agriculture. With this Dutch innovation, the cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from the fresh plant material and processed into a high-quality FreshFlower-CBD oil in which all components are in synergy with each other. The fresh flower tops are processed the same day of harvesting in the patented Bio-Botanical production process. The production process works on the basis of fresh flower tops and oil extraction. Our own developed process installation ensures that the ingredients of the flower tops are separated and dissolved in the oil. The reason for this process and the fresh flower tops is that we want to preserve as much of the natural components from the flower tops as possible. In addition to CBD, more than 500 different ingredients are found in fiber hemp. These can be classified into two broad categories: cannabinoids and terpenes. Scientists have introduced the entourage effect. This means that in addition to the fact that the ingredients have their own effect, there is also a synergy: the substances can influence each other’s effect. For that reason, a full spectrum CBD oil is often preferred.

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The unique patented DCP process is a Dutch innovation. The components of the hemp flowers are extracted and processed into a high-quality CBD oil in which all components are in synergy with each other.

Other production processes

Almost all other production processes work with dried plant material. The two most commonly used techniques for making CBD oil are CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction. Only dried flower tops can be used for these processes. Due to the drying process, components (mainly terpenes) are lost. Terpenes are the volatile aromatic compounds that give each plant species its own distinctive smell and taste. The smell of fresh plants is many times stronger than that of dried plants. Just compare fresh and dried herbs with each other.
In these methods, the components are dissolved in a different solvent (CO2 and ethanol respectively), both of which can leave a harmful residue. After the process and the necessary filtration steps, the components are dissolved in an oil as a carrier for the components.
Abstract macro detail of cannabis bud (green crack marijuana strain) with visible hairs and trichomes