FreshFlower-CBD oil from fresh hemp flowers

based on patented bio-botanical process

FreshFlower Process

SanaCan is part of Dutch Cannabis Processing (DCP). We manage the entire formulation process – from seed to finished product. The fresh flower tops are harvested manually and carefully selected. In this way no ingredients are lost and only the best flower tops are used in our SanaCan products. Nog dezelfde dag van het oogsten worden de bloemtoppen verwerkt in ons gepatenteerde Bio-Botanische productieproces.

Start low, go slow

There are no universal guidelines when it comes to dosing CBD. Various factors can influence the dosage such as composition of the product, time of intake, possible use of medicines, the reason for which it is used and individual sensitivity. It is therefore important to build up the dose slowly by microdosing This means that you start with a low dose and build up very slowly.(start low, go slow).


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